Bulk Fiber Optic Cables

Bulk Fiber Optic Cables

Bulk Fiber Optic Cables are a Better Solution today. Why is that ? There are several reasons and benefits for using fiber optic cables instead of copper cables. Some of those benefits include: Fiber optic cables operate more efficiently, offer more security in comparison to copper cables and transmit more information and data over greater distances.

Throughout the world, companies are switching from copper cables to Fiber Optic Cables to run their networks and expand their telecommunications infrastructure. Some reasons to transition to fiber optic cable from copper cables is that fiber optic cable is slimmer, more lightweight, faster and is a more affordable means of communications. With an increasing demand for higher bandwidth and faster internet speeds, fiber network cabling solutions are being used extensively to meet today’s ever growing needs. Those needs are being met in the upgrading of premise wiring installations, central office installations and expansions, as well as telecommunications upgrades and connectivity solutions.

Fiber optic cable installations allow for increasing data communications capabilities within data centers, co-location facilities, and server farms as well as expanding infrastructure solutions and Local Area Network (LAN) Cable installations. This extensive need for increased communications desirability has encouraged businesses to invest more in Fiber Optic Cable, along with custom fiber cable assemblies, fiber pigtails and fan-outs to meet their ever-growing network cabling solutions and fiber optic cable networks.

Increasingly, over the last several years, fibre optic cabling networks and technology have undergone massive transformations and advancements. With the increase in demand, along with the ever-growing number of users, companies need to invest more in Bulk Fiber Optic Cable to meet these expanding requirements. Bulk Fiber Optic Cables typically include: Indoor singlemode (OS1, OS2), Indoor Multimode fiber (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4), Laser Optimized 10-GIG fiber, also known as Aqua fiber optic cables and It also comes as simplex fiber optic cable, duplex fiber optic cable, ribbon fiber, and indoor-outdoor fiber optic cable. There is also Hybrid fiber optic cable (singlemode/multimode), OSP armored fiber optic cable, OSP outside plant fiber optic cable, ILA interlocking armored fiber optic cable, Dielectric fiber optic cable, ADSS fiber optic cable, and Figure-8 self supporting fiber optic cable, along with many more. These types of Bulk Fiber Optic Cables come in many types of configurations which include: plenum jacket, riser jacket, Unitized cables, Distribution cables, tight buffered fiber, loose tube fiber and more, just to name a few.

Fiber optic cables are capable of transferring data with increased clarity and security. Optical fibers are made using glass and as such, are immune to electrical interferences; therefore, fiber cables do not need any grounding or shielding. Additionally, optical fibers are capable of resisting corrosion, chemicals and water, making fiber optic cables safer to use and install.

The type of Bulk Fiber Optic Cable utilized will depend upon the location and application in which it will be installed. When it comes to being able to buy inexpensive Bulk Fiber Optic Cables along with custom cable assembly manufacturing tailored to your specifications, you can always rely on Discount Fiber.

Discount Fiber sells a wide range of high-quality, durable, brand name wholesale Bulk Fiber Optic Cable to Distributors and Re-Sellers, Cable Assembly Manufacturers, Structured Cabling Companies, as well as Cable Installation Companies, Data Centers and Corporations nationwide. In fact, Discount Fiber is known for offer the best selection of Bulk Fiber Optic Cables and made to order custom cable assemblies.

Since there is such a variety of bulk fiber optic cable options available in the market today to meet the needs of installations within large and small enterprises, buildings and many other applications; Discount Fiber continuously strives to locate and stock the following:

• Multimode Fiber Optic Cables
• Singlemode Fiber Optic Cables
• Simplex Fiber Optic Cables
• Duplex Fiber Optic Cables
• Indoor-Outdoor Fiber Optic Cables
• OSP Outside Plant Fiber Optic Cables
• Hybrid Fiber Optic Cables (singlemode-multimode)
• TAC Tactical fiber-ruggedized Fiber Optic Cables
• Broadcast Fiber Optic Cables
• Aerial Fiber Optic Cables
• Loose tube Fiber Optic Cables
• Tight buffered Fiber Optic Cables
• Breakout Fiber Optic Cables
• Interlocking Armored Fiber Optic Cables
• Distribution Fiber Optic Cables
• MIC Distribution Fiber Optic Cables
• Micro-distribution Fiber Optic Cables
• Armored Fiber Optic Cables
• Direct burial Fiber Optic Cables
• Fiber patch cables and Fiber jumpers
• Fiber pigtails and Fiber fan-outs
• Pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies
• Custom made to order fiber cable assemblies

At Discount Fiber, we offer a wide variety of Bulk Fiber Optic Cable for sale. Whether you are planning to buy fiber optic cables “by the foot” or buy fiber optic cables “by the reel”, contact us to learn more about our ever-growing inventory of Bulk Fiber Optic Cables and other Connectivity Solutions. Discount Fiber has the best price on Bulk Fiber Optic Cables and connectivity solutions available for sale.

Please check out our online Bulk Fiber Optic Cable inventory on the different types of cables available and other communications products we offer and contact us with any questions you may have.