Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures, EMC Junction Boxes

Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures, EMC Junction Boxes

Discount Fiber is dedicated to providing market-leading Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures and equipment protection solutions that pass rigorous tests including Ingress Testing IP54 IP55. Our Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures are equipped with the best electromagnetic compatibility systems for defending your electronic equipment against stray (EMI) electromagnetic signals and radio frequency interference. These Wall-Mount Enclosures can be used both indoors and outdoors. With an industry wide reputation for customer satisfaction, these are your best bet to protect and house sensitive electronics. An important factor that makes our products the best choice to protect sensitive electronic controls is the fact that the products fulfill UL listed standards, in particular the UL 508A standard which applies specifically to the protection of sensitive electronics. But that is still not the best part; the thing to look forward to the most is our incredibly low prices!

We are providing the following Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures at a price that cannot be found anywhere else:

• Hoffman #CSD24248LGEMC Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures (Single door NEMA Type 4, 12, 13)
• Hoffman #CSD36308LGEMC Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures (Single door NEMA Type 4, 12, 13)
• Hoffman # A1210CHEMC EMC Junction Box Wall-Mount (Continuous hinge Type 12)

Before we discuss further details and specifications about these products, what is EMC shielding all about? This will help you make a much more informed decision about the product you should choose for your sensitive electronic equipment.

What is EMC Shielding?

EMC shielding is all about the usage of Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures in order to protect sensitive electronic controls, Industrial Control Panels and sensitive electronic equipment from stray electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. This protection is achieved by the use of EMC Enclosures that prevent all electronic coupling between the equipment inside the enclosure and anything that is outside of it. There is free charge on the outer surface of the enclosure that gets readjusted automatically to cancel all electronic anomalies. This “shield” that the charge provides is what helps the Wall-Mount EMC Enclosures in fulfilling its purpose. The main underlying requirement is that the enclosure maintains a perfect conduction ability; therefore the EMC Enclosures are made from metallic substances.

#CSD16126LGEMC / CSD24248LGEMC / CSD36308LGEMC EMC Wall-Mount Enclosures are fitted with quarter-turn latches. This is a great and convenient enclosure solution for storage, telecommunications and networking applications, for both indoors and outdoors. When buying EMC Enclosures products to house your sensitive electronics from our range of products, it ensures complete protection of your sensitive equipment at a price that is guaranteed to be the lowest you will ever find.

Some prominent features of these particular products include:

• EMC Protection
• External body flange for maximum opening.
• High strength steel in 14, 16 or 18 gauge option
• Smooth finishing
• Built for easy mounting and dismounting
• Option for installing brackets
• RAL 7305 paint

Also, Discount Fiber has an inventory of # A1210CHEMC EMC Junction Boxes. This is one of the best continuous hinge Wall-Mount EMC Junction Box Enclosures out there. The applications of this product are very wide and varied. With screw-down clamps that provide secure closure, this is the best and most reliable A1210CHEMC EMC Junction Box. You can get it from Discount Fiber at a great discount price with highest level of quality assurance.

Some important features include:

• EMC Protection
• 14 or 16 gauge steel
• Continuous hinge
• Door with bonding provision
• Oil-resistant gasket
• External wall-mounting brackets
• Smooth surface
• Compliant with UL 508A quality standard, UL 50, 50E standard and also NEMA Type 12, 13 compliant.
• ANSI 61 powder paint, gray colored

Discount Fiber is dedicated to provide the best equipment protection solutions at a price that will always be unmatched and below all other providers. Contact us now for further details.