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Data Center Solutions-Seismic Enclosures Zone 4 Racks

Included in today’s Data Center Solutions, most companies rely on their central office data center and networking system to fulfill their goals and daily operations. Companies cannot operate smoothly in the absence of a secured, speedy and effective data centers and network infrastructure.

Unfortunately, what is not always included in a Data Center Solutions Plan is the preparation for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes, which can occur at any time. Organizations in affected areas may want to consider high-quality, durable and efficient Zone 4 Seismic Rated Enclosures for housing their data center equipment and connections. This is because earthquakes can damage buildings and Data Centre Racks can topple onto the ground and thus render the data center and all equipment inoperable.

Thus, it is important that organizations Data Center Solutions include a strong central office data center, Colocation data center and colocation facilities with the use of Seismic Enclosures Zone 4 Racks products and solutions.

This is precisely why the Seismic Enclosures Zone 4 Racks and Seismic Equipment Cabinets have witnessed a huge demand these days. While Seismic Equipment Cabinets, Seismic Enclosures Zone 4 Racks and Seismic Rated Racks are ideal for earthquake and other natural disaster prone areas, they are also being increasingly used by organizations that are situated outside earthquake zone. For example, the Seismic Enclosures Zone 4 Racks and Seismic Equipment Cabinets are being heavily used in tornado prone areas and for national security reasons, as well as in Broadcast Vehicles and locations with vibration

Seismic Enclosures Zone 4 Racks and Seismic Equipment Cabinets are designed to withstanding the seismic stress caused by earthquakes and vibration. These racks and enclosures are designed for Seismic Zone 4 criteria and they meet all the requirements of Telcordia GR-63-CORE. What this essentially implies is that these Seismic Enclosures Zone 4 Racks and Seismic Equipment Cabinets can survive even in harsh environments. Some of the other advantages of Seismic Enclosures, Zone 4 Racks and Zone 4 Seismic Enclosure Rack Cabinets include modular design and boast fully welded construction, seamless corner design and adjustable mounting angles as well as rack unit markings.

Data Center Solutions-Standard Server Racks and Enclosure Cabinets

Server Racks are used for mounting multiple server equipments securely. A Server Racks consists of a number of mounting slots that are called bays. Each of these bays is capable enough to hold a single hardware unit securely in one place. A rack can hold a number of servers that are stacked on top of each other. Thus, server racks consolidate different network resources and minimizes the requirement of floor space.

Once a rack server is configured it simplifies the cabling system. A server rack features a special cooling system that ensures that the rack does not get overheated (since multiple components are put together in one place).

The specification for standard server racks is EIA-310. This basically includes multiple important features of a 19 inches rack like Rack Unit, horizontal hole spacing, vertical hole spacing, width of the front panel and rack opening. Standard server racks are highly durable, which is why they are ideal for mounting different server equipments.

In fact, the E-Series enclosures offer multiple features that are ideal for housing telecommunication equipment, computer hardware, LAN equipment and other electronic equipments. The Enhanced Series modular design accommodates initial installation and allows for future additions in today’s progressive network environment.

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