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The Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cable is Ruggedized and Deployable. Military Tactical Fiber Cable is strong, lightweight, tight-buffered fiber optical cables, which can be used outdoors directly on the ground, in all terrains, including extreme severe environmental conditions. From the Football Field to the Battlefield, Tactical Fiber Optic Cables are known as Tactical Fiber, military fiber optics or mil-spec cables.

Tactical Fiber Cable Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cables comes in many styles including:

Multimode 50/125: B06-085C-AST/900-MIL, B-006CAST5KM
Multimode 62.5/125: B06-085C-WST/900-MIL, B-006CWST5KM
Singlemode 9/125: B06-085C-SLS/900-MIL, B-006CSLS5KM

Tactical Fiber Cable Broadcast cables are a deployable means of communications and excellent for use in various Tactical and Broadcast environments. They are utilized in military data communications applications worldwide and military mobile communications whether it is in a routine training deployment or in Combat. The cable can be found in commercial installation and Industrial environments, such as communications restoration services, satellite ground stations, mining, gas, oil exploration, alternative energy research, petrochemical environments, geological industries, aerospace, and defense. They are widely used in professional motor sports such as Nascar and Indy car, as well as professional indoor and outdoor sports such as football, baseball, soccer, tennis and golf. The cable is found in ENG (Electronic news-gathering) vehicles. It is located within outdoor video control of broadcast events, broadcast video coverage of news events, electronic news gathering, emergency broadcasting and communication systems as well as law enforcement.

Tactical Fiber Cable Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cable is constructed for outdoor deployable installation and network solutions required in rugged environments. This cable will allow you to go into the most unforgiving environments with safety and reliability. It is designed to withstand a broad range of outdoor temperatures and weather conditions including very high temperatures as well as offering superior flexibility in cold temperatures, bear heavy impacts, stress and chemicals.

The Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Broadcast cable can be used for temporary deployment or permanent systems installation of critical communication lines. It is also designed to be re-deployable and retrieved in the field for broadcast deployment and military communications, security and sensing applications, as well as temporary or permanent setups at events which require quick retrieval and re-use when necessary.

Additionally, Tactical Fiber Cables Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cable is used for basic commercial and industrial environment fiber optical cabling installations on the inside and outside of buildings. Ground-tactical cables can be routed in all kinds of conditions and rugged environments between modular telecommunication systems, network solutions and optical feeds providing for dependable, secure data and video communications and Broadcast communications.

Why use Tactical Fiber Optic Cable in a tactical environment? TAC fiber cables are designed to military standards. The BX-Tactical Cables are also termed as breakout optical fiber cables or breakout fiber optic cables and are constructed with a breakout cable design. This flexible cable uses Multi Mode 62.5 and 50-micron, and Single Mode 900-micron 900μm TBII buffered fibers surrounded by dielectric strength members. The small diameter and agile bend-radius allow easy installation in space-constrained areas. Tactical Fiber Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cable is designed with a helically stranded cable core for flexibility and survival in difficult pulls providing for superior mechanical protection for the optical fibers.

Tactical Fiber Cable Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cable come with singlemode glass or multimode glass configured with tight buffered fibers and are surrounded with aramid yarns. TAC-MIL and Broadcast Cables resist water, fungus and UV rays. These Mil-Tac Broadcast cables are ruggedized with tactical deployable cables features such as a crush resistant resilient polyurethane jacket which provides superior environmental and mechanical protection which decreases the likelihood of the cable being cut-thru or damaged by abrasion or chemical resistance.

The Tactical Fiber Optic Cables are suited for several types of fiber connectors such as Mil Spec Connectors, ruggedized multi-way military tactical field connectors, MIL-C-38999 style military connectors which are utilized in various types of TFOCA, otherwise known as a Tactical Fiber Optic Cables Assemblies. Additionally, these cables can be terminated with your basic ST, SC, LC fiber connectors.

When comparing Tactical Fiber Cable Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cable versus Coaxial Cable, Tactical Fiber offers several advantages and benefits over standard Coax cable in using Repeaters. Coax can only achieve 500 meters, where Fiber can achieve 16-plus KMS (kilometers). Fiber is five times lighter that Coax and provides the higher bandwidth needed for multiplexing voice, data, security and video signals. As Tactical Fiber Cable Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cable is all-dielectric, it does not require grounding or bonding. Since there is no signature, it is not affected by EMI or RFI which makes it difficult to be tapped and minimizes encryption requirements. Tactical fiber is also more rugged than Coax, it has no memory and is impervious to fluids. For these reasons, Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cable is ideally suited for broadcast and communications systems.

When looking for Tactical Fiber Breakout Mil-Tac Broadcast cables, they can be compared to DX006CWLS9KB, DX12-065D-W, DX012DWLS9KR, M96551, M96572, M96567, 006T8U-31131-24, 006H8U-31131-24, TFHD006CB3510/25, TFHD006ZB3515/55, TFHD006EB3010/25, TFHD006FB3010/F5, TFHD006AB0707, FSD06T, FSB06T, FMD06T, FMB06T.

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