Discount Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Sun Microsystems


Discount Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Sun Microsystems
Part Number: Sun Rack 900-38U
Similar Part #: Sun Rack NGR900R
Color: Special Brown
Quantity: 1 racks
Discount Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Sun Microsystems NGR900R

Discount Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Microsystems Server Cabinet NGR900R 19″ vented doors & top, keys, solid sides, 2 power strips, In-Stock Now-Quick Ship!

With each Sun Microsystems NGR900R Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure purchased, you’ll receive a “FREE”:
(1) Panduit CWMPV2340 In-Cabinet Vertical Cable Manager ($150+ value)

NGR900R Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Server Racks include:

(1) Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38 38U Server Cabinet Rack Enclosure
Model: 900-38
MP/N: 371-0976-01
MP/N: 263-1953-03

Dimensions: 35.4″(D) x 23.5″(W) x 74″(H)
Empty weight: 360lbs (163.3kg)
Height (rack units): 38nm
Rack size: 19″ 38U Spaces

Includes mesh doors with keys, vented top, solid sides & power strips

(2) Sun Microsystems SQE24240V16A power strips
Qty: 2
200-240VAC, 32A, 47-63Hz
10A max. per outlet/group
16A max. per even group
32A max. per power strip

The Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure and Enhanced Series Enclosures Network Racks, are excellent for servers in data centers, central office data centers, colocation data centers, co-location facilities, web server farm, server cluster, cloud computing, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Emergency Services, Homeland Security, Disaster Management, Communications Control, Broadcasting Companies, Events Departments, Mobile Laboratories, Test Equipment, Battlefield Command & Control, power plants, railroads, airports, etc.

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Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Server Racks are used for mounting multiple server equipments securely. These Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure cabinets provide maximum quality and optimised data centres by making it possible to house more cabinets in the data centre. This allows customers to better us the data centre floor space and helps to lower the costs of administration due to the co-location of more products than was possible with previous more compact and less powerful cabinets. The Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure gives customers maximum RUs with a lower footprint.

These Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Server Racks consists of a number of mounting slots that are called bays. Each of these bays is capable enough to hold a single hardware unit securely in one place. A rack can hold a number of servers that are stacked on top of each other. Thus, Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure server racks consolidate different network resources and minimizes the requirement of floor space.

Once a Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure rack server is configured it simplifies the cabling system. A server rack features a special cooling system that ensures that the rack does not get overheated (since multiple components are put together in one place).

The specification for Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Server Racks by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) establishes standards for cabinets and racks intended for use with computers and other electronic equipment. Most all Sun servers are designed for rackmounting in cabinets or racks that comply with the EIA 310D standard. This basically includes multiple important features of a 19 inches rack like Rack Unit, horizontal hole spacing, vertical hole spacing, width of the front panel and rack opening. Standard server racks are highly durable, which is why they are ideal for mounting different server equipments. These racks are similar to: Sun Rack 900-38 NGR900R, Sun StorEdge Expansion Cabinet, Sun Fire Cabinet, Sun Rack II Cabinet, Sun Rack 900/1000 Cabinets, Sun Rack 900/1000 Cabinets, Sun Storage 6180 Array, 263-1953-03, 178449-81, 816-6387-15, 370-6694-02, N45N026, 819-5367-15, SPARC Enterprise Sun Rack 1000/900/II.

The Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Server Racks offer multiple features that are ideal for housing modular telecommunication equipment, computer hardware, LAN Equipment, File Servers, Co-location equipment, Information Technology equipment and other electronic equipments. The Enhanced Series modular design accommodates initial installation and allows for future additions in today’s progressive network environment. The Sun Microsystems Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Server Racks are used in many applications for Co-location Cabinets, Network Server Racks, Rackmount Enclosures, Lan Cabinets, E-Series Enclosures, as well as Information Technology enclosures. These racks are manufactured Sun Microsystems.

The Storage 6180 Array can be installed in any NEBS-compliant, standard 19” 4-post cabinet with 24-26” spacing between posts, such as all StorEdge Expansion, SunFire, Sun Rack II, and Sun Rack 900/1000 cabinets, Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure.

The floor area at the installation site must provide enough stability to support the weight of the Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure cabinet and installed trays, sufficient space for installation and servicing of the cabinet and components, and sufficient ventilation to provide a free flow of air to the cabinet, taking into consideration the Cabinet with 2 power sequencers, Disk drive, Expansion tray, Front cage and midplane assembly, Power supply, SATA drive, controller trays and controls.

The input current for Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure in the USA is 208 VAC three phase, 45A at 208 VAC per phase, 50-60 Hz. Vibration Limitations are allowable for M3000/M4000/M5000 servers in a Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure: Non-Operating Vertical: 0.15g Horizontal: 0.10g 5 to 500 Hz, swept-sine Vertical: 3.0 mm pk-pk/0.5g, 5 to 500 Hz, swept-sine Horizontal: 3.0 mm pk-pk/0.25g, 5 to 500 Hz, swept-sine.

Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure Modular Power Supply Compatibility
An MPS can be installed in the Sun Racks. Modular Power Supply Compatibility.
Sun Rack Model Supported MPS:
Sun Rack 900-38 1
Sun Rack 1000-38 1
Sun Rack 1000-42 2

There are four modular power supply (MPS) options for the Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure:
MPS 30 amp, 1-phase
MPS 30 amp, 3-phase
MPS 32 amp, 3-phase
MPS 60 amp, 3-phase
Each modular power supply is two rack units tall.

Each power distribution module supports 36 power plugs in six power strips (or a
total of 12 power strips, each with 72 outlets per MPS). In the Sun Rack 1000-42, you
can install the power strips on either side of the rack. On all other Sun Racks, the
powers strips can only be mounted on the left side.

Integrated power distribution system

As you plan your space needs for the Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure, keep these Server Guidelines in mind; each rack containing midrange servers requires its own power cords, connected to separate power outlets. See Electrical Specifications, for details on electrical requirements. Circuit breakers are supplied by the customer as required by local, state, or national electrical codes. The servers require electrical circuits that are grounded to earth. And for Mounting Specifications, the Sun Rack 1000/900 can enclose up to twenty-one 2U M3000 servers, six 6U M4000 servers and three 10U M5000 servers. If you are mounting servers in a Sun Rack 900, an optional cabinet extender is available to extend the depth of the rack from the rear to enable the door to close.

Sun Rack 900-38U Enclosure specifications retrieved from the internet. These specifications are to the best of our knowledge

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