Discount LGX Network Bay Frame 107382327 ED6C321-50 12″ Network


Discount LGX Network Bay Frame 107382327 ED6C321-50
Part Number: 107382327 ED6C321-50
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Quantity: 5 racks
Discount LGX Network Bay Frame 107382327 ED6C321-50

Discount LGX Network Bay Frame 107382327 ED6C321-50, 107489858 107382343, 23″ Frames, 12″ w/doors Pre-Assembled Modular Distribution Frame, Optical Fiber Cable Solutions and Organization.

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LGX Network Bay Frame 107382327 ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2+GP3+JR4C-9 12 NBF w/ GP2, Doors, Caps, Pre-assembled network bay frame plus GP2 parts, rear doors, and jumper retainer end caps.

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107489858 ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2, 12 NBF w/ GP2, Pre-assembled network bay frame plus GP2 parts
107382343 ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2+GP3 12 NBF w/ GP2, Doors, Pre-assembled network bay frame plus GP2 parts and rear doors

LGX Network Bay Frame 107382327 ED6C321-50, Fiber Optic Distributing Frame, Distribution Frame Management Systems are designed for high density applications which supports High-Density Fiber Optic Applications. Networks within Internet Services Providers, Private Networks, Enterprise applications must be able to support a growing number of fiber applications without making fiber optic circuits congested within your central office (CO) frame installations, especially if you are considering loop transmission or customer premises installations. Access points for high-density fiber circuits is easily accessed through the fiber optic LGX Network Bay Frame and fiber optic shelves with a flexible interface transmission facilities and equipment through cross connects of fiber jumpers, fiber patch cables and fiber pigtails.

The LGX Network Bay Frame 107382327 ED6C321-50, distributing frame is very efficient as the fiber jumpers are in the front of the frame, which makes it excellent for high-density applications. In central office, large quantities of terminated fibers are installed in the 12-inch deep frames within the rows of transmission equipment. These LGX Network Bay Frame are excellent when it comes to network expansion, you just add more shelves into the bay as needed. The modular optical fiber shelves help keep cross-connect and interconnect applications organized. As the shelf sub-assemblies optical fiber splicing apparatus and terminating, frame space is reduced, which allows for more fiber circuits. The fiber shelves are used in place of stand-alone cabinets such as LCIE and LSCIE and are ideal in modular or stand-alone in large LGX Network Bay Frame and in applications utilizing premise distribution systems (PDS). Each fiber shelf attaches to the side of the 19” or 23” frames utilized in data phone cabinets. These are manufactured by OFS FITEL INC.

LGX Network Bay Frame and Frame Components and Standard Distributing Frames include 601426794, ED6C321-50-G1, 12” LGX Network Bay Frame, Network bay frame plus GP2 parts, 601248354, ED6C321-50-G2, 12” Frame Parts, 601248404, ED6C321-50-G3, 601248388, ED6C321-50-G4, 601373178, ED6C321-50-G5, 601427347, ED6C321-50-G6, 601835713, ED6C321-50-G7, 601835721, ED6C321-50-G8, 601842214, ED6C321-50-G9, 601842222, ED6C321-50-G10, 107489858, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2, 107382343, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2+GP3, 107382327, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2+GP3+JR4C-9, 107489866, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2, 107382350, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2+GP3, 107382335, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP2+GP3+JR4C-9, 107856528, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP7, 107910044, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP7+GP3, 107872616, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP7, 107910051, ED6C321-50-GP1+GP7+GP3

The LGX Network Bay Frame 107382327 ED6C321-50 are excellent for central office applications in data centers, central office data centers, colocation data centers, co-location facilities, web server farm, server cluster, cloud computing, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Emergency Services, Homeland Security, Disaster Management, Communications Control, Broadcasting Companies, Events Departments, Mobile Laboratories, Test Equipment, Battlefield Command & Control, power plants, railroads, airports, etc.

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LGX Network Bay Frame provide maximum quality and optimised data centres by making it possible to house more cabinets in the data centre. This allows customers to better utilize the data centre floor space and helps to lower the costs of administration due to the co-location of more products than was possible with previous more compact and less powerful cabinets. The LGX Network Bay Frame gives customers maximum fiber usage with a lower footprint.

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