Fiber-Copper Splice Case Closures & Organizer Trays

Fiber-Copper Splice Case Closures & Organizer Trays

Fiber-Copper Splice Case Closures & Organizer Trays – Talking about cable splicing, the Fiber-Copper Splice Case Closures & Organizer Trays products discussed here are simply the best in terms of providing proper protection for both the copper wires and fiber optic cables Splice Case Closures. Cable splicing is a delicate procedure, especially when it comes to handling sensitive fiber optic cables and considering the connectivity of the equipment within the underground, aerial, buried and even vault network applications. It is necessary that whenever there is cable splicing being performed, the resulting protection be provided by choosing from the top notch stainless steel Splice Case Closures options talked about here.

Finding the best Fiber-Copper Splice Case Closures & Organizer corrosion-resistant Splice Case Closures is what every cable installation company looks for and only the best is what you will get here. The best part, you get it at a rate that is so low that it will take your breath away. But we at Discount Fiber believe that every customer must make a choice based on sound knowledge and for that we are providing you with comprehensive details of our Fiber-Copper Splice Case Closures & Organizer Trays in two product categories.

• Copper Cable Splice Cases Closures
• Fiber Optic Cable Splice Case Closures

Most of the Copper Cable Splice Cases are made of Stainless Steel. Copper is one of the two main elements used in modern day applications of wires and we provide our customers with the most reliable Copper Cable Splice Cases. Our Copper Cable Splice Cases provide your equipment the protection that is the best in the industry and comes with a number of different features that give a peek into why they are your best options. The Splice Case features include:
• Re-usable Splice Cases
• Re-enterable Splice Cases
• Utilization of the torque bar for the positioning of end plate
• Underground, aerial, buried and Vault Splice Cases applications
• Craft-friendly Splice Cases
• Drillable end plates Splice Case Closures

The specific part numbers for the Splice Case Closures are given below for specific referencing: Copper Cable Splice Cases Closures-Stainless Steel
Splice Case Closures Part Numbers: 8000630, 8000634, 8006176

Fiber Optic Cable Splice Case Closures

The product in question, our top quality Fiber Optic Cable Splice Case Closures is certainly your best bet at providing your fiber optic cables with the most solid and surefire protection when it comes to cable splicing. Whether you need an aerial splice cases or buried splice cases, our corrosion-resistant splice case closures are the best solution, at a cost that you will not find anywhere else!

The following features are what really make this product your best option:
• Air-tight and water-tight seal on the Fiber Optic Cable Splice Case Closures
• Re-enterable Splice Case Closures
• Splice Case Closures Kit included
• Splice Case Closures are Quick and easy installation
• Splice Case Closures are Extensively tested
• Splice Case Closures have Drillable end plates

Part numbers for cases and the Splice Case Closures horizontal/vertical organizers that go with it are given below:
Splice Case Closures: 8006282
Horizontal Organizer: 8000193, 8000185
Vertical Organizer: 8001036

The Fiber-Copper Splice Case Closures & Organizer Trays products mentioned above, both the main categories and the end plates and organizers discussed within the sections are all provided with the assurance of top level quality and the lowest price in the market.

Discount Fiber Copper Splice Cases, Fiber Organizer Trays.
8000630 8000634 8006176 copper
8006282 8000193 8000185 8001036 fiber optic cable splice case and organizer trays.

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Aerial Splice Case
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Corrosion-Resistant Splice Case
Splice Case drillable end plates and bonding
Outside Plant Splice Case underground vaults
Outside Plant OSP
Re-enterable Splice Case
Re-usable Splice Case
Splice Case Kit
Stainless Splice Case Closure
Stainless Steel Closure Kit with Bonding
stainless steel splice case closure
underground, aerial or buried applications
vault applications

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