Discount 8006176 Splice Case w/Bonding Kit 9.5″ x 45″ Stainless

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Discount 8006176 Splice Case w/Bonding Kit 9.5″ x 45″ Stainless
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Color: Stainless
Quantity: 3 pieces
Discount 8006176 Splice Case w/Bonding Kit 9.5″ x 45″ Stainless

Discount 8006176 Splice Case with Bonding Kit, 9.5″ x 45″, Stainless Closure, Drillable End Plates, Encapsulated, permanent gasket-no re-entry kit needed, Stainless Steel, Copper Cable Splicing Closures.

The 8006176 Splice Case is for copper cable applications. The 8006176 Splice Case with Bonding Kit is Stainless and includes top and bottom shell halves, locking torque bar assemblies, two drillable End Plate kits, Bonding kit with shield connectors, pair protectors and bonding braid. Stainless Steel Splice Closures with Stainless shells formed with an inside liner of neoprene, a permanent sealing gasket, no re-entry kit needed or cleaning upon re-entry, an integral air flange and grounding lead that allow pressurization and grounding through the shell.

The 8006176 Splice Case designed for Splice count (2100 thru 4200 Copper pairs)

Today’s requirements for cable splicing, demarcation, bonding, strand and cable solutions have brought many solutions for fiber optic cable and copper cable applications such as fiber optic splice closures, Fiber optical fiber organizers and Fiber Optic Splice Tray Assembly Optical Closures (FOSC), and copper cable splice closures.

The 8006176 Splice Case is an excellent product for Cable Splicing which is an important part of all segments of the communications industry which includes (ISP) Internet Service Providers, Cable Internet Service, DSL Internet Service, Satellite Internet Service, Fiber Optic Internet Service, as well as telecommunications network operations, cable television operations, corporations, enterprise networks, educational institutions and government agencies. Rigorous demands of today’s Communications markets, security markets, data communication markets, security markets require products that perform better, last longer which are easy to install.

The 8006176 Splice Case is versatile and accommodates many types of copper cable applications, as well as being easy to use. The 8006176 Splice Case is designed to remain sealed, watertight and airtight around the copper cable, in all climate including hot, dry, cold, wet and warm environments. These splice cases can be re-entered easily. The stainless steel locking bars make it secure and seal and reduce installation time. The 8006176 Splice Case is designed to help protect, secure, organize and support copper cables during and after splicing. The 8006176 Splice Case are Armadillo® products, manufactured by PLP® Preformed Line Products.