OFS Dielectric Outdoor Hybrid Ribbon Fiber Cable 30F (18SM/12MM) 2024FT

OFS Single-Mode Dielectric Outdoor Hybrid Fiber Cable 30F (18SM/12MM) 2500FT LT, 30-Count OFS Single-Mode Dielectric Outdoor Fiber Cable 30F 2500FT OSP Outside Plant, Loose Tube OS2 Corning SMF28E Optical


OFS Dielectric Outdoor Hybrid Ribbon Fiber Cable 30F (18SM/12MM) 2024FT
Part Number:AT-XUG8M4X-30-18-12-3B
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Color: Black
Quantity: 2024 feet


OFS AccuRibbon DuctSaver FX Micro Cable with AllWave ZWP(Zero Water Peak) Single mode fiber and 62.5 Multimode

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2024 feet

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